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Table 4 Estimation of the hazard ratio for disease-free survival

From: Lymph node density as a prognostic variable in node-positive bladder cancer: a meta-analysis

Study HR estimation Co-factors Analysis results
Fleischmann [18] HR, 95 % CI Extracapsular extension, no. of positive LNs Not significant
Guzzo [22] HR, 95 % CI Age, sex, diversion type, pT stage, adjuvant chemotherapy Not significant
Jensen [25] HR, 95 % CI Age, sex, pT stage, pN stage, metasis above the aortic bifurcation, extracapsular extension, volume dependent LN density, diameter of largest LN, volume of metastatic LNs Not significant
Masson-Lecomte [28] HR, 95 % CI pT stage, lymphovascular invasion, extracapsular extension, adjuvant chemoethrapy Significant
Mmeje [29] P value, event no. (univariate) - Not significant
Kwon [30] HR, 95 % CI pT stage, pN stage, no. of positive LNs, adjuvant chemotherapy Not significant
  1. HR: hazard ratio, CI: confidence interval, LN: lymph node