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Fig. 5

From: Effect of sulfasalazine on human neuroblastoma: analysis of sepiapterin reductase (SPR) as a new therapeutic target

Fig. 5

Binding of SSZ to SPR. (a) SPR dimer front view (C2 axis). Both chains bind SSZ independently. (b) SPR dimer in complex with NADP+. (c) SPR monomer close-up front view of the SSZ binding pocket: (d) SPR monomer close-up front view of the NADP+ binding pocket. (e) Overlay view of SSZ and NADP+ binding sites. The two binding sites overlap upon 3D alignment of the SPR protein chains. The amino acid residues involved in SSZ and NADP binding are listed in Table 2. Color scheme for the molecular constituents: Protein chain ribbon - rainbow spectrum from N-terminus (blue) to C-terminus (red); SSZ space fill – amber; NADP+ spacefill – cyan

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