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Table 1 SNPs and the genotypes in 13 previously reported genes

From: A case of metastatic renal cell carcinoma and bile duct carcinoma treated with a combination of sunitinib and gemcitabine

Gene SNPs rs Number Genotype
NR1I3 5719C/T rs2307424 TC
NR1I3 7738A/C rs2307418 AA
NR1I3 7837 T/G rs4073054 TG
CYP1A1 2455A/G rs1048943 AA
ABCG2 1143C/T rs2622604 CC
ABCG2 −15622C/T rs55930652 CC
ABCG2 34G/A rs2231137 GG
ABCG2 421C/A rs2231142 CC
ABCB1 3435C/T rs1045642 TC
ABCB1 1236C/T rs1128503 TC
ABCB1 2677C/T rs2032582 TT
VEGFR2 1191C/T rs2305948 CC
FLT3 738 T/C rs1933437 TC