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Fig. 7

From: Gene expression profiling leads to discovery of correlation of matrix metalloproteinase 11 and heparanase 2 in breast cancer progression

Fig. 7

Box-and-Whisker plots. The gene expression levels of HPSE2 (a) and MMP11 (b) from the 32 samples in the training set covering Luminal A (n = 19), Luminal B (n = 3), Triple negative (n = 3) and normal control (n = 7) were shown in the box-and-whisker plots. The plots were generated using GeneSpring 12.6 software. The correlation of fold changes (FC) and normalized intensity (NI) values were calculated using the formula FC (Xn) = 2 ^ [averaged NI (Xn)-averaged NI (XControl)]. X: individual genes; n: breast cancer subtypes; NI (Xn): Normalized intensity of gene X in subtype n; NI (Control): normalized intensity of gene X in normal samples

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