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Table 4 Enriched clusters of gene annotation terms for host (mouse) genes up-regulated (A) or-down-regulated (B) by metronomic CPA treatment in both U251 and 9L tumors

From: Transcriptional profiling provides insights into metronomic cyclophosphamide-activated, innate immune-dependent regression of brain tumor xenografts

Cluster name Cluster enrichment score Number of genes (top term) p-value (top term)
A. Up-regulated mouse gene clusters
Glycoprotein 23.1 342 5.16E-37
Immune response 13.7 87 1.11E-26
Cell surface 8.80 53 8.91E-14
Lysosome 7.38 31 2.29E-08
Extracellular membrane 6.77 191 4.07E-12
Regulation of cytokine production 6.44 28 9.78E-10
Carbohydrate binding 5.64 41 5.09E-08
Positive regulation of immune system process 4.69 41 8.70E-14
Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction 4.10 36 1.79E-07
Lipid catabolic process 3.60 23 7.60E-07
Induction of programmed cell death 3.24 24 9.43E-06
Cell/leukocyte activation 3.22 35 6.63E-08
B. Down-regulated mouse gene clusters
(Positive) regulation of transcription 10.3 71 1.06E-13
Cell division 9.31 44 4.73E-13
Repressor, negative regulation of gene expression 5.57 43 5.73E-08
Cell migration 4.81 28 6.05E-06
Spindle 4.58 20 1.22E-07
Skeletal system development 4.30 32 2.56E-06
Tube development 4.09 29 1.27E-05
Transcription factor complex 3.80 27 5.88E-06
Microtubule cytoskeleton organization 3.46 16 9.14E-05
Sequence-specific DNA binding/Homeodomain 3.04 52 4.54E-07
  1. Analysis was based on genes that respond to metronomic CPA treatment cycles at |fold-change| >1.5 and p-value < 104 at either, or both U251 treatment time points, and also in 9L tumors. Shown are clusters with enrichment scores >3.0 whose top term contains >15 genes. Also shown is the number of genes and p-value for the top term in each cluster. See Additional files 1: Table S5A and S5B for a more complete listing of significant enrichment clusters and associated gene lists.