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Table 2 Factors affecting the likelihood of not reattending

From: Organized breast screening improves reattendance compared to physician referral: a case control study

  Odds ratios for not reattending (95% CI)
Factor * (N = 105,665)
Screening provider for baseline and re-exposure M  
  OBSP 0.18 (0.18-0.19)
  non-OBSP Reference
Charlson comorbidity score  
  Per point increase 1.06 (1.03-1.09)
Gender of woman’s physician  
  Male 1.05 (1.02-1.05)
  Female Reference
Location of medical school of woman’s physician  
  Canadian 0.83( 0.80-0.87)
  Other Anglosphere 0.91 (0.84-0.98)
  Elsewhere Reference
Years in practice of woman’s physician, (per year) 1.0 (1.0-1.0)
Has a primary care physician one year after re-exposure M  
  Yes 0.81 (0.68-0.97)
  No Reference
Postal code change 1 year after re-exposure M  
  Yes 1.61 (1.52-1.71)
  No Reference
  1. *This is a full model. All variables defined, described, and analyzed univariately and bivariately are included in this full model. All 2 way interactions were tested and none were significant.