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Table 6 Comparison of ontological categories differentially expressed in Cetuximab-sensitive vs . resistant cell lines

From: Transcriptional changes associated with resistance to inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor revealed using metaanalysis

  Cetuximab: Overexpressed in sensitive cells    Overexpressed in resistant cells  
  Term p_value   Term p_value
Table 6a
IM response to wounding 1.3E-10 DF ectoderm development 9.2E-10
CC regulation of cell proliferation 1.6E-09 DF epidermis development 1.4E-09
CC positive regulation of cell proliferation 3.5E-07 DF epithelium development 1.0E-08
M chemotaxis 8.9E-07 DF epithelial cell differentiation 1.5E-07
M taxis 8.9E-07 DF keratinocyte differentiation 6.2E-05
M cell migration 1.7E-06 DF cornified envelope 6.5E-05
M localization of cell 2.6E-06 EC extracellular matrix 7.8E-05
M cell motility 2.6E-06 DF epidermal cell differentiation 1.2E-04
M Cell communication 3.5E-06 DF peptide cross-linking 1.7E-04
R regulation of response to external stimulus 4.0E-06 IM wound healing 1.7E-04
Table 6b
IM inflammatory response 6.5E-06 CC regulation of cell proliferation 4.3E-04
IM wound healing 9.1E-06 CY Cell structure and motility 3.3E-04
IM immune response 9.8E-06 CY 12q12-q13 6.9E-04
IM Immunity and defense 6.7E-05 T transcription repressor activity 8.4E-04
IM regulation of inflammatory response 3.5E-04    
S Signal transduction 1.5E-05    
S Jak-STAT signaling pathway 5.1E-04    
S JAK-STAT cascade 6.7E-04    
V regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor production 3.2E-05    
V Angiogenesis 3.8E-05    
V blood coagulation 5.8E-04    
  1. a) Top ten categories with best p-values. b) Selected categories with p-value better than 10-4 (see Additional file 7).