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Table 3 Comparison of ontological categories differentially expressed in Erlotinib-sensitive vs. resistant cell lines, using DAVID program

From: Transcriptional changes associated with resistance to inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor revealed using metaanalysis

  Erlotinib: Overexpressed in sensitive cells    Overexpressed in resistant cells  
  Term p_value   Term p_value
Table 3a
T translation 5.6E-62   cytosol 3.0E-20
T translational elongation 6.3E-45 T translational elongation 3.1E-18
T structural constituent of ribosome 1.0E-43 T structural constituent of ribosome 3.4E-18
  cytosol 3.7E-41 T ribosomal subunit 3.5E-17
T ribosome 4.5E-41 T cytosolic ribosome 2.4E-16
T 3' -UTR-mediated translational regulation 3.8E-40 E mitochondrion 1.5E-15
T ribonucleoprotein complex 5.0E-40 T Ribosome 2.6E-14
T Ribosome 4.6E-37 T ribosome 2.6E-14
T ribosomal subunit 9.9E-36 IM Influenza Infection 4.2E-14
T Protein biosynthesis 2.0E-33 CY intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle 8.2E-13
Table 3b
CC Cell cycle 1.8E-04 CC mitotic cell cycle 3.2E-08
E mitochondrion 2.4E-10 CC M phase of mitotic cell cycle 9.1E-06
E intramolecular oxidoreductase activity 4.4E-04 CY actin cytoskeleton 5.3E-06
M_c glycolysis 2.1E-07 E mitochondrial inner membrane 7.1E-12
M_c Metabolism of carbohydrates 3.3E-06 E mitochondrial envelope 7.2E-12
M_c carbohydrate catabolic process 7.5E-05 E oxidative phosphorylation 1.5E-10
M_c Glycolysis / Gluconeogenesis 1.7E-04 E hydrogen ion transmembrane transporter activity 1.8E-10
M_c glucose metabolic process 6.4E-04 E generation of precursor metabolites and energy 3.4E-10
T Metabolism of proteins 5.4E-29 E Oxidoreductase 6.6E-10
T ribosome biogenesis 6.6E-21 E Dehydrogenase 3.9E-09
T ncRNA metabolic process 4.7E-19 E Integration of energy metabolism 1.6E-06
T mitochondrial ribosome 4.0E-05 E electron transport chain 1.8E-05
    E mitochondrial lumen 1.9E-04
    E mitochondrial matrix 1.9E-04
    E NADH dehydrogenase (ubiquinone) activity 2.3E-04
    E mitochondrial ATP synthesis coupled electron transport 2.8E-04
    T Metabolism of proteins 2.7E-09
    T Protein biosynthesis 1.6E-07
    T Gene Expression 1.5E-06
  1. a) Top ten categories with best p-values. b) Selected categories with p-value better than 10-4 (see Additional file 4).