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Table 1 Previously proposed prognostic biomarkers in HNSCC 1

From: Proteoglycan-based diversification of disease outcome in head and neck cancer patients identifies NG2/CSPG4 and syndecan-2 as unique relapse and overall survival predicting factors

Biomarker2 Clinical outcome Method of detection N. of cases/%/type of modulation Annotation
ADAM17 Lymph nodal metastasis/Loco-regional relapse IHC/WB 50/46/Up None
CD44 OS/DFS IHC 138/59/Down None
E-cadherin Recurrence/OS IHC 50/20/Up 112/59/Down None
EGFR OS IHC 109/73/Up 59/58/Up None
Estrogen-R2 OS IHC/nPCR + sequencing 67/51/Up Laryngeal/hypopharingeal cancer
FHIT OS/DFS IHC 53/61/Down None
GLUT1 OS IHC 40/26/up Poor radiation response
HIF1A OS/DFS IHC 85/63/Down None
Keratin-18 OS IHC 308/54/Up None
Keratin-8 OS IHC 308/54/Up None
Laminin γ2 DSS DNA Microarray 119/NS/Up None
MCM5 OS IHC 97/61/Up None
MET OS IHC 69/82/Up None
Moesin OS IHC 103/NS/Up Cytoplasmic expression pattern
Mucin-1 OS/DFS/Lymphnodal metastasis IHC 206/39/Up Within 5-years follow-up
Mucin-4 OS/DFS/Lymphnodal metastasis/Loco-regional relapse IHC 150/41/Up Within 5-years follow-up
p21 OS IHC 192/71/Down None
p27 DFS IHC 192/80/Down Only in patients with lymphnodal infiltration
p57 OS IHC 67/87/Down None
p63 OS IHC 62/NS/Up None
P-cadherin Disease recurrence/Loco-regional relapse/OS IHC 50/20/Down 67/45/Down 108/16/Down None
Podoplanin DSS IHC 35/56/Up None
Rb DFS IHC 220/49/Down Only in p53+/pRb patients
RUNX3 OS IHC/WB 108/46/Down None
S100A2 DFS/Cervical metastasis RT-PCR + seq/IHC 135/26/Down 52/NS/Down Nuclear expression pattern
SPARC OS/DFI DNA Microarray/IHC 62/NS/Up None
STAT1 OS IHC 89/NS/Up None
Survivin 3α OS RT-PCR 97/NS/Up Only in lymphnodes
Ezrin OS IHC 47/85/Up Cytoplasmic expression pattern
  1. 1Specifically referred to oral and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma;
  2. 2Alterations of TP53, CCND1 and FGFR4 genes are not included;
  3. Abbreviations:OS, Overall Survival; DFS, Disease Free-Survival; DSS, Disease Specific-Survival; DFI, Disease Free-Interval; IHC, Immunohistochemistry; WB, Western Blotting; nPCR, nested Polymerase Chain Reaction; NS, Not Specified.