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Table 2 Education topics

From: A phase II RCT and economic analysis of three exercise delivery methods in men with prostate cancer on androgen deprivation therapy

Education topics Key points
1) Introduction to Exercise • Benefits of Physical Activity
• Program targets 3 areas of PA (aerobic, resistance, and flexibility)
• PA is safe, feasible and has shown to provide benefits
2) Goal Setting • Goal setting will assist with your dedication and motivation to complete the exercises
• SMART Goals - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely
• Use the goal worksheet in the manual
• Make long term and short term goals
3) Behavior Change • The plan you set out may not be followed 100%
• Anticipate obstacles that may come as you are changing a behaviour and develop strategies for dealing with it before it arises
• Monitor your progress, Reward yourself, Visualize your success
4) Planning for Barriers • Biggest perceived obstacles
Lack of time, self-discipline, partner and ability
• Plan ahead for periods of inactivity
5) Social Support • You are more likely to be successful if your family, friends and even co-workers are supportive of you
• Social support can occur in many forms – encouragement, completing activities with you, etc.
6) Monitoring Behavior • Mix up your activities to stay motivated
• Try something new, or something you have done previously
• It is very easy to enter an exercise rut
7) Maintaining Motivation • Greatest source of motivation: Fun/enjoyment/stimulation, feeling of accomplishment, pleasure of learning and benefits (i.e. improved sleeping)
• Pursue something that you enjoy, that is convenient to your schedule
• Take opportunities to be active
8) Personal Control • Believing that you are in control of your own life give you reinforced motivation and further commitment to make changes
9) Self- Discipline, Reward & Attitude • Self-discipline can result in increased productivity, improved self-esteem and confidence
• Rewards – use workbook in manual
• Attitudes toward change can determine whether you will be successful
10) Adapting your Program • Adapting your program – FITT principle
11) Health and the Media • Be mindful of the ‘Get fit quick’ media marketing – Health eating and regular PA will help maintain a long-term health lifestyle
12) Lifelong Active Living • Use some of the tips and tricks in the manual to assist with continuing your active life
• Change things up, work towards small goals, work with a friend, etc.