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Table 2 Location, polymorphism, and amino acid change found in eleven HER2 SNPs studied

From: Pro1170 Ala polymorphism in HER2-neu is associated with risk of trastuzumab cardiotoxicity

SNP Polymorphism Codon Amino acid change Protein domain
Rs4252633 G/T 452 Trp-Cys Ligand Binding
Rs1136201 A/G 655 Ile-Val Transmembrane
Rs34602395 G/T 703 Ser-Ile Tyrosine Kinase
Rs56366519 C/T 738 Ser-Ile Tyrosine Kinase
Rs28933369 A/G 776 Gly-Ser Tyrosine Kinase
Rs28933370 A/G 857 Asn-Ser Tyrosine Kinase
Rs28933368 A/G 914 Asp-Lys Tyrosine Kinase
Rs2172826 C/G 927 Pro-Arg Tyrosine Kinase
Rs1058808 C/G 1170 Pro-Ala Carboxy terminus
Rs55943169 A/C 1186 Ala-Asp Carboxy terminus
Rs36085723 A/G 1253 Val-Met Carboxy terminus