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Figure 6

From: A microRNA profile associated with Opisthorchis viverrini-induced cholangiocarcinoma in tissue and plasma

Figure 6

Log fold changes in miRNA expression in FFPE tumor tissue versus plasma. A. Scatter plots showing correlations between log fold changes (FC) in CCA tissue and matched tissue samples. A weak negative correlation was observed across all miRNAs assayed in qPCR experiments when compared with their FC in matched tissue samples. B. Comparison of miRNA FC in plasma and matched tissue samples in thirteen dysregulated miRNAs. Dysregulated miRNAs include those from all comparisons, including each of the histological grading comparisons. Of these thirteen miRNAs, seven exhibited inverse expression values between plasma and tissue. Asterisk denotes that the miRNA was observed to be significantly dysregulated in RNA-Seq experiments comparing all tumor samples to matched distal normal tissue and an exclamation mark denotes that the miRNA was found to be significantly dysregulated in the comparison of papillary tumor tissue with its matched distal normal sample.

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