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Table 1 Clinico-pathologic sample characteristics

From: The role of histologic subtype, p16INK4a expression, and presence of human papillomavirus DNA in penile squamous cell carcinoma

No. of patients 58
No. of samples 58
Age (mean; range) 64.5; 31-93 years
Tumour characteristics    
Differentiation   Distant metastasis  
keratinizing 53 Mx 21
basaloid 5 cM0 33
Grading   pM+ 4
Low-grade (G1-2) 43   
High-grade (G3-4) 15 p16 INK4a IHC  
pT stage   negative 24
pTis 10 positive 34
pTa 2 intense confluent 24
pT1 19 focally scattered 10
pT2 20   
pT3 5   
pT4 2 HPV subtyping  
Nodal involvement   HPV- 40
Nx 30 HPV+ 18
pN0 15 HPV-16 16
pN+ 13 HPV-45 1
   HPV-6 1
  1. pTis, carcinoma in situ; pTa, papillary/exophytic (noninvasive) carcinoma; pT1-pT4, depth of tumor invasion; Nx, lymph node status unknown; pN0, (verified) absence of lymph node metastases; pN+, (verified) presence of lymph node metastases; Mx, presence of distant metastases unknown; cM0, no clinical evidence for distant metastases; pM+, (verified) presence of distant metastases; IHC, immunohistochemistry; HPV, human papillomavirus.