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Figure 6

From: DNA methylation and histone modifications regulate SOX11 expression in lymphoid and solid cancer cells

Figure 6

TSA and Vorinostat induce SOX11 expression and EZH2 down-regulation in unmethylated cancer cell-lines. Cells were treated with 0, 0.5 and 5 μM TSA or vorinostat for 24 hours followed by detection of SOX11 and EZH2 with western blot. (A) Unmethylated cancer cell lines JIMT-1, KCN69n and SK-BR-3 expressed SOX11 after treatment while DMS-114 and JVM-2 remained SOX11 negative. (B) JIMT-1 and KCN69n also showed a clear down-regulation of EZH2 upon treatment with HDAC inhibitors while the other cell lines did not show any change in EZH2 levels (data not shown).

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