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Figure 1

From: DNA methylation and histone modifications regulate SOX11 expression in lymphoid and solid cancer cells

Figure 1

Epigenetic profiling of SOX11 in normal cells. (A) The SOX11 promoter 2000 bp upstream of transcription start site contains four CpG islands with analyzed CpG sites marked. (B) Mean SOX11 promoter methylation within 28 CpG sites close to the transcription start site. (C) Enrichment of repressive H3K27me3, determined by ChIP-qPCR, within the SOX11 promoter in naïve, GC and memory B-cells. (D) Methylation status of five CpG sites within the SOX11 promoter, measured with Illumina 450 K methylation array, for several types of non-malignant mammary cell-types. (E) Enrichment of active (H3K4me3) and repressive (H3K27me3) histone marks in primary human mammary epithelial cells. ChIP-seq data was extracted from the ENCODE project.

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