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Table 2 Potential risks associated with IRE of renal tumours

From: The efficacy and safety of irreversible electroporation for the ablation of renal masses: a prospective, human, in-vivo study protocol

Potential hazards of renal IRE ablation Potential effects
Excessive energy delivery Muscle contraction, burn, damage to critical anatomical structure, unintended tissue ablated, bradycardia/hypotension, vagal stimulation/asystole, electrical shock, myocardial infarction, stroke, death
Insufficient/no energy delivery Ineffective ablation, no ablation
Unintended mains or patient circuit voltage exposure to patient or user Electrical shock
Incorrect timing of pulse delivery Transient arrhythmia, prolonged arrhythmia, stroke, death
Unintended interference with implanted devices containing electronics or metal parts Myocardial infarction, stroke, death
Unexpected movement of the device and displacement of the electrodes Hypotension, damage to critical anatomical structure, pneumothorax, mechanical perforation, haemorrhage, unintended tissue ablated, electrical shock, death
Sterile barrier breach Infection, sepsis