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Table 2 Phase II clinical trials of RET tyrosine kinase inhibitors in RET-rearranged lung carcinoma

From: Genomics driven-oncology: challenges and perspectives

Study identifier Drug(dose) Molecular targets Primary outcome measure
NCT01639508 cabozantinib (60 mg/day) MET, VEGFR2, FLT3, c-KIT, AXL and RET ORR*
NCT01823068 vandetanib (300 mg/day) VEGFR2, EGFR, RET and FGFR-1 ORR
NCT01813734 ponatinib (45 mg/day) ABL, FLT3, KIT, FGFR, PDGFR, VEGFR2 and RET ORR
  1. *objective response rate.