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Table 1 Selected genetic alterations representing potential biomarkers in lung adenocarcinoma and related drugs in clinical development

From: Genomics driven-oncology: challenges and perspectives

Biomarker Drug
EGFR mutations* Gefitinib/Erlotinib/Afatinib
ALK rearrangements* Crizotinib
ROS-1 rearrangements Crizotinib
RET rearrangements Cabozantinib/Vandetanib/Ponatinib
NTRK1 rearrangements Cabozantinib
MET amplification Crizotinib/Cabozantinib
NRAS mutations Selumetinib/Trametinib
ErbB-2 mutations/amplification Lapatinib/Trastuzuma/Afatinib
KRAS mutations Selumetinib/Trametinib
BRAF V600E Vemurafenib/Dabrafenib
BRAF Y472C Dasatinib
  1. *approved.