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Table 2 Oncogenes altered in oncocytic thyroid tumors

From: A mutation screening of oncogenes, tumor suppressor gene TP53 and nuclear encoded mitochondrial complex I genes in oncocytic thyroid tumors

Oncogene Type of mutation Type of change Number of oncogenic eventsa
RET/PTC rearrangement RET/PTC1 1/26
PAX8-PPARγ rearrangement --- 5/10
RAS (H-RAS, K-RAS, and N-RAS) point mutation p.61 Gln > Arg (Q61R H-, N-, and K-RAS) 3/45
BRAF point mutation p.600Val > Glu (V600E) 2/45
  1. aTotal numbers of tested samples are different, since the different analyses were not possible in all tissues.