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Table 1 Biofunctional analysis by ingenuity pathway analysis

From: eIF6 over-expression increases the motility and invasiveness of cancer cells by modulating the expression of a critical subset of membrane-bound proteins

Functions annotation p-value Predicted activation state Activation z-score Molecules
cell movement of tumor cell lines 4.49E-02 Increased 2.305 AGK,C1QBP,CDC42,HAX1,HGF,SDC1,YBX1
migration of tumor cell lines 4.65E-02 Increased 2.117 AGK,C1QBP,CDC42,HAX1,HGF,SDC1
cell death 4.85E-02 Decreased -1.770 C1QBP,CD59,CDC42,COX5A,FDFT1,GAPDH,HAX1,HGF,HNRNPC,PGRMC1,RPS19,RTN4,SDC1,SLC25A4,TIMM50,YBX1
  1. The genes up-regulated upon eIF6 overproduction mapped in a highly significant way to a functional network corresponding to cellular movement. Only data with significant Activation z-scores ≥ 1.5 or ≤ -1.5 were shown.