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Table 7 Major pathways of BRmet50 and PMID18271932Sig33

From: Evaluation of public cancer datasets and signatures identifies TP53 mutant signatures with robust prognostic and predictive value

Pathways BRmet50 PMID18271932Sig33
Cell cycle: mitotic roles of polo-like kinase KIF23,PRC1,CCNB2 KIF23,PTTG1,PRC1,CCNB2,PKMYT1,PLK1
Cell cycle: G2/M checkpoint regulation CCNB2 CCNB2,PKMYT1,PLK1
Cell cycle: control of chromosomal replication CDC45,CDT1 CDC45
Cell cycle: regulation CCNB2 CCNB2
Cell cycle: checkpoint control RFC4 PLK1
DNA damage: 14-3-3σ signaling CCNB2 CCNB2
DNA damage repair: ATM signaling RAD51,CCNB2 CCNB2
DNA damage response: BRCA1 pathway RAD51,RFC4 PLK1
DNA damage response: salvage pathways of pyrimidine ribonucleotides NEK2 PLK1
Protein ubiquitination UBE2S,UBE2C UBE2C