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Table 2 Summary of results section “Soluble factors from breast cancer cells influence macrophage activation”

From: Liposome encapsulated zoledronate favours M1-like behaviour in murine macrophages cultured with soluble factors from breast cancer cells

Cell lines 3T3 4T1 J774 Macrophages + CM
Markers 3T3 4T1 LPS 3T3 LPS 4T1 LPS
TNF-α (protein) - ++ ≈CTR ≈CTR >CTR >CTR >CTR
IL-6 (mRNA /protein) +++/+++ +++/+++ ≈CTR/≈CTR <CTR/≈CTR >CTR/>CTR   >CTR/>CTR
IL-12 (mRNA /protein) ++/++ ++/++ ≈CTR/≈CTR <CTR/ND >CTR/ND >CTR/ND >CTR/ND
M2 MMP-9 (mRNA /protein) +++/++ +++/+++ ≈CTR/≈CTR ≈CTR/≈CTR ≈CTR/<CTR >CTR/≈CTR ≈CTR/≈CTR
VEGF (protein) +++ ++ >CTR ≈CTR ≈CTR >CTR <CTR
IL-10 (protein) + ++ ≈CTR ≈CTR >CTR >CTR >CTR
M-CSF (protein) ++ +++ ≈CTR ≈CTR ≈CTR >CTR >CTR
MCP-1 (protein) ++ +++ ≈CTR >CTR >CTR >CTR >CTR
  1. *ND, non detected; highlighted in bold are the significantly modulated markers either between the CM of 3T3 and 4T1 or compared to CTR or LPS macrophage cultures.
  2. +, ++, +++ abundance of mRNA or protein.