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Figure 5

From: Staged stromal extracellular 3D matrices differentially regulate breast cancer cell responses through PI3K and beta1-integrins

Figure 5

Tumor-associated 3D ECMs induce directional MDA-MB-231 invasion regulated by beta1-integrin but not PI3K. Time-lapse assays were carried out to determine the directionality of MDA-MB-231 cells in the presence and/or absence of 10 and 50 nM Wortmannin and/or 50 μg/ml mAb13. Dots plotted in graph indicate percentages of angles positioned within 5° from the identified mode angle per cell (data was rounded and therefore appears organized (for additional details, see Material and Methods)). Upper and lower borders of diamond shapes show 75 and 25 percentile populations, respectively, while diamond widths marked with a horizontal line, mark median percentages at 5° variance from the mode angle direction. Note that when compared with 2D and 3D matrices, tumor-associated 3D matrices induced greater degree of directionality, which was regulated by beta1-integrin but not by PI3K activity. See Tables 5 and 6 for statistical information.

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