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Figure 4

From: Staged stromal extracellular 3D matrices differentially regulate breast cancer cell responses through PI3K and beta1-integrins

Figure 4

Staged 3D ECMs induce relatively fast MDA-MB-231 invasion that is differentially regulated by PI3K and beta1-integrinpathways. Time-lapse assays spanning 6 h were carried out as described in Methods, to determine the velocity of MDA-MB-231 cells cultured on 2D or within staged 3D ECMS in the presence and/or absence of 10 and 50 nM Wortmannin and/or 50 μg/ml mAb13. Cell velocities, calculated in microns per hour (μm/h), were plotted as individual dots while mean velocities are marked with horizontal lines (see Tables 3 and 4 for quantitative details). Note that Wortmannin and mAb13 treatments induced different effects in velocities of cells invading through control vs. tumor-associated 3D ECMs.

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