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Figure 3

From: Overexpression of UbcH10 alternates the cell cycle profile and accelerate the tumor proliferation in colon cancer

Figure 3

Depletion of UbcH10 suppresses cellular proliferation in breast cancer cells. (A) UbcH10 knockdown in DLD1 colon cancer cells. (B) The cellular proliferation rate was decreased in DLD1 cells by targeting siRNA for UbcH10. (C) Results of the anchorage independent colony formation assay using soft agar. The number of colonies was markedly decreased in DLD1 colon cancer cells by the delivery of UbcH10-siRNA. (D) Cell cycle patterns of UbcH10-knockdown and control DLD1 cells revealed that populations of G2/M cells increase with UbcH10depletion. (E) a. Results of the immunocytochemical analysis using phosphorylated-histone H3 in DLD1 cells. UbcH10 knockdown increased the population of pH3 positive cells. b. Quantification of mitotic cells (triplicate experiments).

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