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Figure 1

From: ADAM33 gene silencing by promoter hypermethylation as a molecular marker in breast invasive lobular carcinoma

Figure 1

ADAM33 mRNA and protein expression. (A) The ADAM33 RNA panel of breast cell lines, normal breast and HB4a normal cells. The expected products corresponding to ADAM33 (328 bp) and GAPDH (290 bp) are showed. (B) ADAM33 western blotting. The ADAM33 bands from mature and cleaved forms (98 and 64 kDa) ADAM33 signal. HSP70 was used as control. (C) ADAM33 re-expression after 5-azadCR treatment. MM (molecular marker 100 bp). The expected products were to ADAM33 (328 bp) and GAPDH (290 bp).

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