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Figure 6

From: Gain in cellular organization of inflammatory breast cancer: A 3D in vitro model that mimics the in vivo metastasis

Figure 6

TEM and SEM of MCF-7 spheroids: (A, B) TEM analysis reveals MCF-7 spheroids with discontinuous microvilli (arrows) on the surface of the spheroid. (A, B; right panels) Adjoining cells of MCF-7 spheroids form both desmosomes and hemidesmosomes (DM, arrow & hDM, arrow) but no tripartite complex. (C) SEM analysis of agarose-induced MCF-7 spheroids showed discontinuous surface microvilli and no surface orifices (inset). (D) In situ sections (box) revealed a smooth cellular cross section with no lumen-like structures.

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