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Table 6 Cox regression analysis showing association between survival and relative changes in biomarkers.

From: Pre-radiotherapy plasma carotenoids and markers of oxidative stress are associated with survival in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients: a prospective study

Variables Crude Adjusted
  Hazard rate ratio 95% CI p-value Hazard rate ratio 95% CI p-value
Progression-free survival
d-ROMs increase 0.33 0.14-0.76 0.01 0.31 0.13-0.76 0.01a
8-iso PGF
0.48 0.22-1.08 0.08 0.51 0.22-1.17 0.11b
FRAP decrease 0.43 0.19-0.98 0.05 0.42 0.17-0.998 0.05c
Overall survival
d-ROMs increase 0.26 0.08-0.80 0.02 0.31 0.10-1.00 0.05a
8-iso PGF
0.54 0.21-1.42 0.21 0.58 0.21-1.59 0.29b
FRAP decrease 0.39 0.14-1.10 0.07 0.52 0.18-1.56 0.25c
  1. The above median relative changes in plasma levels of oxidative stress biomarkers (d-ROMs and 8-iso PGF) and total antioxidant capacity FRAP are compared with below median relative changes in the plasma levels of the corresponding biomarkers in 57 patients for progression-free and overall survivals.
  2. aThe analysis are adjusted for stage, smoking status and tumour localization
  3. bThe analysis are adjusted for stage, smoking status and age
  4. cThe analysis are adjusted for stage, tumour localization and BMI