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Figure 6

From: Gene expression relationship between prostate cancer cells of Gleason 3, 4 and normal epithelial cells as revealed by cell type-specific transcriptomes

Figure 6

Dataset comparison to 05-179 Gleason 3 transcriptome. A: Dataset correlation. Each node represents a single dataset with the first data point being the 05-179 CD26+ cancer transcriptome (in red). In the GSE6099 display, the flanking lowest correlates are those of non-cancer and stromal cells (see B). B: Single-gene query displays. Shown are those for MME/CD10 in both GSE6099 (top), where the laser-captured Gleason grade 3's are indicted by black dots, and GSE 5132 (bottom); FZD8 and AGR2 in GSE6099. Positive log2(Cancer/Normal) on the y-axis indicates increased cancer expression and negative log2 indicates decreased cancer expression.

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