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Figure 2

From: Gene expression relationship between prostate cancer cells of Gleason 3, 4 and normal epithelial cells as revealed by cell type-specific transcriptomes

Figure 2

PCA projections of Gleason 3 and Gleason 4 cancer transcriptomes. A: Three-dimensional projection of G3 and G4 transcriptomes with respect to those of prostate cell transcriptomes for stromal cells (S), luminal cells (L), endothelial cells (E), and basal cells (B) in a PCA-derived subspace. B: Two other orientations from a different point of perspective of the PCA space. The 3D coordinate system was obtained by performing the usual PCA, defining the rotation matrix related to the top three principal components and applying it to all datasets to create a subspace that highlights the expression particularities of each prostate cell type.

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