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Table 1 MYCN dose-dependant anti-apoptotic effect after serum deprivation.

From: Upstream ORF affects MYCN translation depending on exon 1b alternative splicing

Transfected plasmids Cell viability (%)
pcDNA/GW-40/lacZ 64.44 +/- 6.68
pMYCN 65.06 +/- 7.19a
pMYCN Δ1b 73.27 +/- 8.09b,c
  1. MYCN dose-dependant enhanced SH-EP viability after serum deprivation measured with Uptiblue viable cell counting reagent (Uptima). a p= 0.60 compared with pcDNA/GW-40/lacZ ; b p= 0.01 compared with pcDNA/GW-40/lacZ ;c p= 0.02 compared with pMYCN