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Figure 1

From: Concerns about anti-angiogenic treatment in patients with glioblastoma multiforme

Figure 1

MRI scans of recurrent GBM treated with bevacizumab. MRI scans of a typical patient with recurrent GBM, treated with bevacizumab 10 mg/kg every 3 weeks plus daily temozolomide 50 mg/m2. Top row T1; middle row T2; bottom row ADC (apparent diffusion coefficient. ADC c is lacking). Column (A) scans pre-treatment, showing cystic and tumour component, large midline shift, and large vasogenic oedema. Column (B) 3 days after start, showing reduced contrast enhancement, and slightly reduced midline shift. Column (C) 21 days after start, showing reduced contrast enhancement but a larger size (no progression based on Macdonald criteria), reduced midline shift, and reduced oedema. Column (D) 88 days after start, showing decreased size of tumour and cystic component, stable reduction of contrast enhancement, normalised midline shift, and slight increase of oedema. Column (E) 188 days under treatment, showing increased tumour size and cystic component, increased midline shift, and increased oedema (also in the other hemisphere).

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