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Table 1 T-UCRs whose expression inversely correlates with complementary microRNAs differentially expressed in NB patients.

From: Transcribed-ultra conserved region expression is associated with outcome in high-risk neuroblastoma

T-UCR T-UCR expression in long- versus short-survivors Complementary mature microRNA microRNA expression in long- versus short-survivors
uc.209 up-regulated hsa-miR-877* down-regulated
uc.271 up-regulated hsa-miR-383 down-regulated
uc.312 up-regulated hsa-miR-877*
uc.330 up-regulated hsa-miR-548d-5p down-regulated
uc.371 up-regulated hsa-miR-877* down-regulated
uc.411 up-regulated hsa-miR-33b* down-regulated
uc.421 up-regulated hsa-miR-877* down-regulated
uc.435 up-regulated hsa-miR-939 down-regulated
uc.452 up-regulated hsa-miR-383 down-regulated