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Figure 4

From: HER2 overexpression and amplification is present in a subset of ovarian mucinous carcinomas and can be targeted with trastuzumab therapy

Figure 4

Computed tomography images of Case 1. The first image (a.) was taken four months after completion of (surgery and) chemotherapy treatment for her first recurrence. Imaging had been ordered for increased gastrointestinal symptoms and an elevation in her tumor markers. Ascites and omental disease are noted. Carboplatin and trastuzumab were commenced with a dramatic response (b. resolution of ascites and omental nodules) seen after only three cycles. Graphic representation of CA125 levels (c.) also demonstrates a drop in CA125 levels after the initiation of carboplatin and trastuzamab therapy and stable CA125 levels during trastuzamab monotherapy for at least three cycles.

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