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Table 2 Rui Jin Hospital classification of complications

From: Gastric cancer surgery: Billroth I or Billroth II for distal gastrectomy?

Minor Infection: Superficial wound infection, deep infection*, chest infection*, urinary infection, septicemia, pyrexia of unknown origin* Miscellaneous: Superficial wound dehiscence, wound hemorrhage, impaired renal function*, deep venous thrombosis *, Hypotension.
Moderate Infection: Deep infection, chest infection, pyrexia of unknown origin. Miscellaneous: deep wound dehiscence, impaired renal function , deep venous thrombosis Innominate
Severe Systemic: Cardiac failure, Respiratory failure, pulmonary embolus, Hypotension. Death Surgical: Deep hemorrhage, deep infection, anastomotic leak Innominate: complications with postop stay >30 days
  1. *(postop ≤ 15 days), † (postop > 15 days), ‡ (Requiring laparotomy)
  2. Except "innominate", the definition for all complications was adopted from POSSUM.