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Table 1 Histopathological evaluation

From: Inverse correlation between PDGFC expression and lymphocyte infiltration in human papillary thyroid carcinomas

Biopsy Group2 Histology1 L-score6 pTpNM-stage
(age, sex)
Relapse (years)3 Tumour4 Obs.
181-I   PTC L0 T2AN0M0, (37, M) No PT 15
197-I   PTC-FV, thyroiditis L2 T1BN0M0, (50, M) No PT 14
198-IV   PTC, some histologic dediff. L0 T2AN1BM0, (13, F) No PT 14
219-II PTC(diff) PTC L0 T4AN0M0, (67, M) No PT 6.0 (dead)5
222-IV   PTC L0 T1BN1BM0, (37, F) No PT 14
283-III   PTC, thyroiditis L1 T2AN1BM0, (22, F) No PT 12
300-V   PTC, squamous cell metaplasia L1 T3AN0M0, (43, F) No PT 11
317-IV   PTC L0 T1N1AM0, (30, F) LN (9.1) LN (r) 11
328-V   PTC L0 T2BN1AM0, (27, F) No PT 10
353-I   PTC-FV L0 T3BN0M0, (70, M) No PT 9.0 (dead)
246-I   PTC-R-M1 L0 T4AN1AM0, (79, F) LN, Lung (4.7) LN (r) 9.0 (dead)
247-IV   PTC-PD-M1, thyroiditis L2 T4AN1AM1, (83, F) Lung metastases at diagnosis PT 0.4 (dead)
319-V   PTC-PD L1 T4AN1AM0, (79, F) Residual tumour in trachea LN 2.0 (dead)
326-III PTC(agg) PTC-UD-M1 L0 T4AN1AM1, (72, M) Lung metastases at diagnosis PT 0.1 (dead)
345-III   PTC-PD, squamous cell metaplasia L1 T1BN1BM0, (37, M) LN LN 3.4 (dead)
354-II   PTC-PD L0 T4AN0M0, (80, F) No PT 10
367-I   PTC-PD-R-M1 L0 T4AN0M1, (81, F) Lung metastases at diagnosis LN 1.3 (dead)
379-I   PTC-PD L1 T4BN1BM0, (74, F) No PT 9.0
  1. 1:PTC: papillary thyroid carcinomas; FV: follicular variant; PD: poorly differentiated; UD: undifferentiated; R: relapse tumour; M1: presence of distant metastases. Representativity was assessed by histopathologic analysis from the immediate vicinity (neighbour section) to the biopsy used for extraction of total RNA. 2: PTC (diff): differentiated, with or without lymph node metastases; PTC (agg): poorly differentiated, or relapse tumour with synchronous distant metastases.
  2. 3: time from initial surgery to relapse (years). 4: PT: primary tumour; LN: lymph node metastasis in the neck, (r) = relapse. Biopsy 317 IV was not included in the microarray data. 5: Patient died from lung cancer not related to PTC. 6Semiquantitativ assessment of number of lymphocytes present in the biopsies: L0 = practically no lymphocytes, L1 = less than 10% of total number of cells, L2 = between 10-50% of total number of cells, L3 more than 50% of total number of cells. 7Section facing the part of the biopsy used for RNA extraction was classified as L0. Examination of two other sections taken from other parts of the same tumour revealed tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (both classified as L1), also extending into the non-neoplastic surrounding tissue.