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Figure 1

From: Signalling with retinoids in the human lung: validation of new tools for the expression study of retinoid receptors

Figure 1

Schematic representation of the RARβ genomic context. Black arrows represent introns and black blocks are transcribed RARβ exons while grey blocks and arrows represent untranscribed spliced regions. All the promoters regions are grey circled while grey compact blocks indicate DR5 RAREs and grey rounds indicate CpG islands. P1, P1', P1", P2 and P3 indicate corresponding RAR-beta promoter regions. [GenBank:NM_000965] and [GenBank:NM_016152] are the Refseq IDs corresponding to the RARβ transcript isoforms 1 and 2 respectively. [GenBank:NM_000965] encodes the RARβ2 protein [Swiss-Prot:P10826-2] while [GenBank:NM_016152], resulting from the alternate splicing of [GenBank:NM_000965] at exon 3, encodes the RARβ4 protein [Swiss-Prot:P10826-3]. [GenBank:DA240288] and [GenBank:DC376623] are Expressed Sequence Tags. [GenBank:U52076] and [GenBank:DQ083391] are GenBank mRNAs. [GenBank:DC376623] and [GenBank:DQ083391] have specific first exons and share their other exons with [GenBank:NM_000965].

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