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Table 2 Details of the antibodies used for IHC.

From: A balanced t(5;17) (p15;q22-23) in chondroblastoma: frequency of the re-arrangement and analysis of the candidate genes

Antigen Source Clone Staining Positive control Dilution Pre-incubation Antigen Retrieval
CA-RP X Experimental (22) MC Cytoplasm Nuclear Brain 1:50 Foetal calf serum 20 min None
SRD5A1 Novus Biological PC Cytoplasm Nuclear Prostate Carcinoma 1:100 None Citrate buffer/10 min mwo
ESR1 Zymed PC Nuclear Breast Carcinoma 1:200 Non-Fat Dry Milk 20 min TrisEDTA/10 min mwo
AR Dako AR441 Nuclear Cervix 1:400 none TrisEDTA/10 min mwo
CYP19 Abcam PC Cytoplasm Placenta 1:300 Non-Fat Dry Milk 20 min Citrate buffer/10 min mwo
  1. MC: monoclonal, PC: polyclonal, Mwo: microwave oven.