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Figure 4

From: Wnt pathway reprogramming during human embryonal carcinoma differentiation and potential for therapeutic targeting

Figure 4

Knockdown of FZD5 and FZD7 leads to a reduction in growth of EC cells. NT2/D1 and NT2/D1-R1 cells were individually transfected with siRNAs to knockdown FZD5 or FZD7, or with a control siRNA construct, pGL2 or RISC. Graphs depict a representative experiment performed in triplicate. Error bars represent standard deviation. a) Expression of FZD5 and FZD7 proteins in NT2/D1 cells was quantified using immunoblotting on non-reducing gels. b) Number of NT2/D1 cells and c) number of NT2/D1-R1 cells after 4 days compared to initial number of seeded cells. (* p < 0.05, **p < 0.005, ***p < 0.0005).

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