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Table 1 Summary of TMA Prostasin IHC Staining Results.

From: Loss of prostasin (PRSS8) in human bladder transitional cell carcinoma cell lines is associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)

Prostasin IHC Staining in Bladder TMA Grade I Grade II Grade III Normal or
Matching Non-Cancerous
Number of Cases 8 17 12 36
Positive Cases 5 6 2 33
Percent Positive 62.5 35.3 16.7 91.7
  1. The ARY-HH0087 Bladder Carcinoma TMA contained 40 cases of cancer, of which, 37 were TCC of various grades. Only the data on the 37 cases of TCC are included in this table. The TMA also contained 40 non-cancerous tissues, of which, 36 presented quality urothelial morphology for evaluation. Prostasin-specific staining was noted as positive (with a score of 1.0, as shown in Figure 1E or 1H) or negative (with a score of 0, as shown in Figure 1F, or 1G), as described in Methods. The IHC scores of the different tumor grade groups and the non-cancerous group were evaluated by ANOVA (single-factor) with ranked prostasin staining data (rank 1 = no staining, rank 2 = positive staining), yielding an F ratio of 15.46 (F critical = 2.74, p = 8.57E-08, and within-group degrees of freedom for error at 69). The average prostasin staining scores between any two groups were statistically different as determined by the Tukey-Kramer method.