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Figure 7

From: Characterization of global microRNA expression reveals oncogenic potential of miR-145 in metastatic colorectal cancer

Figure 7

Antisense-mediated reversion of miR-145-induced proliferation. (A) Total RNA from treated samples showed that miR-145 was depleted in cells receiving the miR-145-specific 2'Ome antisense RNA but not in the mock treated, or miR-145 sense treated controls. (B) As expected, SW620/miR-145 expressing pools showed increased proliferation compared to vector controls in the presence (solid bars) or absence (open bars) of serum. When treated with miR-145 antisense RNA, a reduction in proliferation was seen in both SW620/vector and SW620/miR-145 pools. Three independent experiments were performed. * p < 0.05; ** p < 0.01, *** p < 0.001.

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