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Table 4 The comparison of the average relative amount of RCAS1 as assessed by the Western blot method in carcinoma and cancer-free surgical margin in relation to the tumor grade.

From: The association between RCAS1 expression in laryngeal and pharyngeal cancer and its healthy stroma with cancer relapse

  Average relative amount of RCAS1 ± SD  
Tumor grade G2 (n = 31) G3 (n = 19) P
Pharyngeal and laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma 0.987
(± 0.522)
(± 0,6937)
Clear surgical margin 0.6922
(± 0.4699)
(± 0.3808)
  1. SD-standard deviation.
  2. No differences were observed in the average relative amount of β-Actin control protein.