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Table 2 RCAS1 immunoreactivity in pharyngeal and laryngeal cancer and clear surgical margin derived from the same individuals.

From: The association between RCAS1 expression in laryngeal and pharyngeal cancer and its healthy stroma with cancer relapse

   RCAS1 immunoreactivity
Variables Number - +1 +2 +3
Pharyngeal and laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma 51 0 0 22 (44%) 29 (56%)
Clear surgical margin 51 1
24 (44.5%)* 25 (48.5%)* 1
  1. *The change in the intensity of immunoreactivity was observed in six specimens (12%), in one case in the group of the +1 RCAS1 immunoreactivity and in 5 cases in the group of +2 RCAS1 immunoreactivity; the expression decreased with the distance from cancer cells. In four examined samples, the RCAS1 immunoreactivity level in closely tumor-adjacent tissue was established as moderate and decreasing to weak in the line of resection. In two cases, weak RCAS1 immunoreactivity in the directly tumor-adjacent tissue diminished to the point of absence in the resection line.