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Figure 7 | BMC Cancer

Figure 7

From: Noninvasive detection of lung cancer by analysis of exhaled breath

Figure 7

This figure shows the distribution of appearance in exhaled breath of cancer patients (smokers, exsmokers and non-smokers) for 60 compounds out of altogether 103 compounds (GCMS). Isopropanol is not appearing in this figure, because it usually shows higher concentrations in indoor air than in exhaled air. Carbondisulfide is not appearing in this figure, because it may be released from septa used for SPME investigations. Names of those compounds which have been identified not only by spectral library match but in addition by comparison with retention time of the pure respective compound, are shown in magenta color. Names of compounds only identified by spectral library match are shown in black color. The columns of four suggested marker compounds (set-A) are shown between white vertical lines. These compounds appear in cancer patients (smokers, ex-smokers and non-smokers), but do not appear in exhaled breath of healthy volunteers with concentrations above the limit of detection (LOD).

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