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Figure 7

From: Proliferative and anti-proliferative effects of dietary levels of phytoestrogens in rat pituitary GH3/B6/F10cells - the involvement of rapidly activated kinases and caspases

Figure 7

The effects of different antagonists on the proliferative effect of phytoestrogens. The proliferative effects of 10-9 M E2, 10-8 M coumesterol, 10-7 M daidzein, 10-7 M genistein and 10-7 M trans-resveratrol in the presence signaling molecule antagonists for: (A) ERα/β (ICI 182780, 1 nM) (B) ERKs (PD 98059, 10 μM) (C) p38 (SB203580, 1 μM) (D) JNK (SP 600125, 5 μM) (E) PKC (GF 109203×, 10 μM, negative control). * = p < 0.05 compared to control cells treated with vehicle only. # = p < 0.05 compared to cells treated with antagonists only.

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