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Table 4 Secondary antibodies and counterstains

From: Expression of oestrogen receptors, ERα, ERβ, and ERβ variants, in endometrial cancers and evidence that prostaglandin F may play a role in regulating expression of ERα

Antibody Abbreviation Supplier Product no. Dilution
Goat anti rabbit biotinylated GARB Dako E0432 1:500
Goat anti mouse biotinylated GAMB Dako E0433 1:500
Goat anti-mouse Alexa Fluor 488 GAM 488 Mol. Probes A-11029 1:200
Avidin Alexa Fluor 488 Avidin 488 Mol. Probes A-21370 1:200
Streptavidin Alexa Fluor 546 Streptavidin 546 Mol. Probes S-11225 1:200
Tyramide fluorescein Tyramide fluorescein Perkin Elmer Life Sciences NEL 744 1:50
To Pro To Pro Mol. Probes T3605 1:1000