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Table 3 Details of protocols used for fluorescent co-localisation.

From: Expression of oestrogen receptors, ERα, ERβ, and ERβ variants, in endometrial cancers and evidence that prostaglandin F may play a role in regulating expression of ERα

Citrate retrieve Citrate retrieve Citrate retrieve
Methanol/peroxide block NGS block NRS block
NGS block Avidin block Avidin block
Avidin block Biotin block Biotin block
Biotin block ERα 1:20 COX-2 1:60
PR 1:50 GAM 488 RAGB
GARB NGS block Streptavidin 546
Streptavidin 546 PR 1:50 NGS
NGS block GARB ERα 1:20
ERβ1 1:200 Streptavidin 546 GAM 488
GAMP To-Pro To-Pro
Tyramide fluoresein   
  1. The protocol for each combination of stains is given in the vertical columns; all sections are pre-blocked with normal goat serum