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Table 2 Description and administration of measures

From: Cancer Health Empowerment for Living without Pain (Ca-HELP): study design and rationale for a tailored education and coaching intervention to enhance care of cancer-related pain

Domain Measure Screening/Enrollment Pre-intervention Post-intervention, Previsit Post-visit 2-week Follow-up 6-week Follow-up 12-week Follow-up
Demographics Age, race, sex, education, marital status X       
Average Pain Numerical Analog Scale (0-10) X X X X X X X
Worst Pain Numerical Analog Scale (0-10) X X X X X X X
Pain Severity Mean of Average and Worst Pain X X X X X X X
Pain Impairment MOS Pain Impairment Scale X X    X X X
Anxiety HADS Anxiety Subscale X     X   X
Functional Status and Well-being SF-12 X      X  
Depression PHQ-2 (not administered until Spring 2007) X     X X X
Pain Beliefs Brief Pain Barriers Questionnaire   X    X   
Pain-Related Self-Efficacy Derived from Anderson X X X X X X X
General Adherence MOS General Adherence X     X X  
Communication Self-Efficacy Maly X X X X X X X
Analgesic Therapy Chart review     X