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Table 1 Overview of Recruitment Strategies by Cancer Diagnosis

From: Participation of older newly-diagnosed cancer patients in an observational prospective pilot study: an example of recruitment and retention

Strategy used Lung cancer Breast cancer Lymphoma/Multiple myeloma Colorectal cancer
Screening charts for clinics in Segal Cancer Centre X X X X
Attending tumor board X X X X
Letter for MD with inclusion and exclusion criteria in chart and patient info letter in chart of potential patient X X X X (in Segal Cancer Centre, not in the Department of colorectal surgery)
After consultation contact MD to verify eligibility and to ask the MD if the patient agreed to be contacted X X X X
Contact the secretary of each of the departments each week to see list of new patients   X X X
Contact the surgeons to verify new eligible patient     X
Contact the nurse/MD to confirm eligibility and approached the patient the day before the surgery     X