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Figure 3

From: Histological analysis of low dose NMU effects in the rat mammary gland

Figure 3

H+E staining of mammary gland microscopic lesions and other microscopic abnormalities. When compared to normal mammary gland (A, B), some of the glands show an increased number of acini which are normally only seen during pregnancy and lactation (C, D). Ducts that have further differentiated into lobular units with secretion are striking (E, F). Neoplasias include DCIS (G, H) and ductal hyperplasias (I). Sloughing of epithelial cells into the duct (J) is also observed. At higher doses of NMU (30 mg and 50 mg/kg BW), benign fibroadenomas and papillomas (K) and secretion into the duct (L) are observed. Scale bar: 50 μm

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